5 home security tips

5 home security tips

Your home may be your biggest investment. That doesn’t include all the valuable items that reside inside  it. So it goes without saying that one break-in can change the life of a family or individual dramatically. Unfortunately, sometimes it changes lives beyond repair.


There are actions you can take to increase your home’s protection. In this blog, we will explore five home security tips. These points also apply to businesses.


Secure your home

This may seem obvious, but many people forget to lock ALL doors and windows when leaving the house. After all, it only takes one unlocked door to make it easy to break-in.


As a home or business owner, you should take some time to conduct a physical assessment of the property. Notice all the points of entry and how easy it is to compromise them. Also, take note of any areas that are hidden or particularly darkened.


Having a window or door that is tampered with is far better than a home that’s broken into. Any tools or items surrounding your home that could be used to break windows or doors should also be securely locked away in your storage area.


Don’t give thieves any opportunity to take advantage of your home!


Buy a safe

Having personal items in the home is unavoidable. We all have passports, extra cash, jewellery or other precious items. Having a small, secured and hidden safe is effective. Precious and essential items can be placed in there.


Not everything of value can be placed in a safe. But the things we cannot live without or pose an even greater threat of identity theft, like birth or bank certificates, should be in a safe. You still should not have your safe out in the open for fear a robber may just take the whole thing, but a hidden safe is essential.


Even natural damages such as fire and flood can be avoided with fire and waterproof safes. This means that precious documents, savings and items are properly guarded.


Don’t advertise your absence

When you leave for an extended period, don’t make it obvious. Contact your neighbours to collect your mail if possible.


Think about automatic lights and having your lawn mowed before leaving. Do everything you can to appear like someone is still using the house, because an empty home is a vulnerable home.


Ultimately, you can also consider getting a reliable house sitter to look after your home. This should be a friend or family member that you trust.


Dogs or pets


Many burglars are deterred from breaking in when a pet dog is present. Even a small noisy dog is effective because thieves hate having attention drawn to them.


Any dog or pet that barks or makes a considerable amount of noise when an unknown presence tries to enter the house is highly effective.


Be careful that you understand the difference between a guard dog and an attack dog. Guard dogs make great pets, while attack dogs must be treated with extreme care. Look into how to properly train your dog in order to safely raise a friendly pet.


Home security system

This tip is by far the most effective. About 40% of burglars are deterred from homes that have a security system.


Having a custom CCTV system, alarm system or intercom entry access is a great way to advertise to burglars that messing with your home or business is off limits.


All the other tips may or may not prevent break-ins. But if one does occur, then a home security system is the only one that can record the incident and be used for insurance or identification purposes. You may incur damages but are likely to resolve the incident.


5 home security tips infographic


Home and business security is an important issue and if you have any concerns, then we recommend talking to an expert. Here at Red Handed Security, we understand all things security and have helped many homes and businesses with tailored security systems.


Call us at 1300 13 40 33 to talk to our friendly staff about how to further safeguard your home, business, property and family.

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