5 tips for buying alarm systems

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Many Sydney-siders are using alarm systems for homes and commercial premises. In fact, it has become an essential protection measure to any business operation and a security net for many home owners.

Installing a security system brings us a sense of security and peace of mind. It’s a tool that helps protect life, as well as physical assets from theft, fire and other kinds of harm.

Here are some helpful tips when choosing an alarm system for your property.

1) Determine the system you need

Security measures will depend on the nature of the business or assets to be protected. Red Handed Security Systems provides the following commercial alarms throughout Sydney:

  • Passive infrared detectors (also known as motion sensors) – A system that detects motion or change of position in an area.
  • Smoke detectors – A device that sets off an alarm when smoke is detected.
  • Door/window reed switches and Roller shutter reed switches – A magnetic device that signals an alarm when door or window is opened.
  • Glass break sensors – A sensor that alerts you when breaking glass is heard.
  • Photoelectric beams – Detects an object or person passing through infrared light beam.
  • Temperature sensors — Senses an increase or decrease of temperature changes

 2) Choose a system with 24-hour monitoring

A basic alarm system alerts you of a break-in or some other danger in progress, but it doesn’t give you any extra help. A 24-hour back-to-base monitoring reassures that your nominated contacts will be called when there’s an emergency at your property.

This includes calling your close friend or co-worker, or sending a patrol car or fire department to your home or business.

 3) Usability

While an effective alarm system should highly protect your property, it is also important that it’s easy to learn and operate for your benefit. Pick an alarm system that you are comfortable using, that also provides all your security needs.

 4) Select a trusted security systems provider

None of us would want to lose our valuables or risk our own safety with security system scams. Choose your security systems provider wisely by researching about the company.

Verify their licences or check with your national licencing agencies. Ask questions before committing to a company, including their basic procedures and information about the installation and monitoring.

 5) Check for a warranty

Choose a system that carries a reasonable warranty from the manufacturer and installer. Before buying, ask your provider what does the warranty cover and for how long. You should also find out who will be responsible for the repairs to the system.


Leave your home and business in safe hands with Red Handed Security – call 1300 13 40 33 for alarm systems Sydney.



Red Handed Security Systems Sydney is a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).


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