Benefits of CCTV cameras for schools

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Safety is the main reason why security cameras are installed in schools. Schools are responsible for the safety of pupils and staff on the school site. They implement security measures to combat threats of intruders, bullying, vandalism and other forms of violence or misbehaviour from pupils and staff.
Here are some other situations why surveillance cameras in schools can help:

Security of the premises

When it comes to ensuring safety of school property, nothing seems to work better than security cameras. Schools install security cameras to detect intruders, vandals and other unauthorised access to the premises.
With the help of CCTV systems in Sydney, it is easy to monitor acts of theft and protect valuables including staff vehicles, gadgets and equipment.

Safety for children

Security systems give parents more confidence that the school is providing a safe environment for their children. Surveillance cameras are a great security support for schools. If someone commits a violation, the surveillance record can be used to identify the perpetrator.
CCTV systems monitor student behaviour in the classroom and keep an eye on misconduct including cheating and bullying, thereby helping create a safe environment that is conducive to learning.

Protection and monitoring of staff

CCTV systems create secure working environments for teachers and staff, improving school operations and work ethics. Schools can also monitor their staff.


CCTV cameras in schools help create a safer learning environment. At Red Handed Security we have the knowledge and experience in security cameras – Sydney. To find out more, call 1300 13 40 33 or visit

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