The importance of having an alarm system

home-alarmsIn the 12 months to September 2013 for NSW 37,125 homes recorded break ins. Of that 37,125, 21,908 of those recorded theft! (Source: BOCS)

Be proactive, not reactive!

  • Installing an alarm system will aid as a deterrent for would be thieves. The obvious signs of an alarm system having been installed is the external siren box with the blue strobe light along with the standard window warning stickers usually provided by the installation company. Generally would be thieves wouldn’t want to run the risk of drawing attention in the event an alarm is activated whilst attempting to break in.
  • Have the peace of mind knowing that your home is better protected by an alarm system. Better yet, protected with a monitored alarm system! Know when your alarm is activated and be able to make the decision if you want a guard patrol sent on site in an alarm response.
  • Have your smoke alarms connected to your home alarm system so when the smoke sensors are activated the entire alarm system is activated giving a far better audible notification and alerting neighbours and passers by. If your alarm is monitored by a control room they will be aware that the smokes sensors were activated and will immediately respond accordingly.
  • Many home insurers offer a discount on insurance premiums when alarm systems are installed as your home is then better protected.


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linda smith

These are really very useful information for every one who cares about their family. these are very much important for saving you from robbery.