Australia’s dumbest criminals

Australia’s dumbest criminals

Actors in movies like Ocean’s 11 or Mission Impossible easily break into buildings and bypass the toughest security systems. They make it look so simple and manageable! In reality, it never pays to be a criminal.


Australia is a relatively safe place, but from time to time, people still attempt various crimes. Here is a humorous snapshot at some of Australia’s dumbest criminals and why it pays to have a security system.


Social media stash

In the Gold Coast, police received an anonymous tip that a man was dealing illegal drugs.


Police pursued the tip and raided the man’s home to find a safe filled with marijuana. The man, however, denied ownership of the drugs.


While searching the man’s social media accounts, police discovered a post where the man ran his fingers through a stash of marijuana while flexing in front of a mirror.


The police were astounded and humoured that the man produced the majority of evidence against himself.



Good Samaritan ruins plan

A convicted drug and drunk driver went to check his bail in Queensland. His license was disqualified, but instead of walking, the man drove and parked his car near the police station and stashed the keys in a bush.


A good samaritan noticed the keys in the bush and went into the police station to return them. The police then checked the car and found illegal drugs, weapons and a breach of a suspended license.


Due to the pile of illegal items, the man is facing two years behind bars.


Hitchhiker’s luck

After escaping a correctional centre, three inmates were on the run. They thought luck was in their favour as they had just escaped.


Two days later, they tried to hitch a ride from a passing car whilst they were still in their correctional outfits.


Thankfully, the passing car stopped and offered them a lift. Little did the men know that the driver was actually an undercover cop and drove them right back to the facility.


Bad withdrawal

Why waste time inserting your card and typing in your pin when you can just take the whole ATM? That is what one man from Townsville thought when he attempted to steal an ATM.


CCTV security cameras caught the whole ordeal. The man broke into a petrol station and chained an ATM to his ‘stolen’ ute. After driving off, he failed to immediately notice that the chain had broken.


Upon his return, he attempted a second time with a new chain, except the chain was too short. He ended the night with a bad withdrawal and a spot on the dumbest criminal list.




After having her security camera stolen and her storage unit broken into, a young lady received a notification on her phone from her security system.


Upon checking the notification, she noticed the camera had reconnected remotely and actually was inside the thief’s home. The camera picked up two hours of live footage before the battery died.


The criminals were captured snorting white substances, talking and sitting in bed. They were completely unaware that they were streamed and recorded and are now easily identifiable.


“Waiting for a mate”

This man is perhaps one of Australia’s most iconic criminals. After appearing on Channel 7’s Highway Patrol, it highlighted the stupidity of drunk driving.


After police were called to reports of car burnouts occurring in the area, they noticed a beat-up car sitting there when they arrived.


As they were speaking with the driver, they saw cans of alcohol on the passenger seat floor. The famous excuse that he was “just waiting for a mate” slurred from the driver’s mouth.


The driver had actually already been disqualified from driving and this illegal act landed him another suspension.




Criminal behaviour should never be imitated. The movies make it look achievable, but with modern technology like what we supply and install at Red Handed Security, you are bound to be caught.


If you own a business or home, studies have proven that owning a security system can reduce criminal attempts by 40-50%.


Don’t take the chance that you’ll get preyed upon by one of Australia’s dumb criminals, because there are plenty of cunning ones out there as well. Call Red Handed Security at 1300 13 40 33 to find out more about how we can secure your property to keep dumb or smart criminals out!

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