Benefits of 24 hour Back to Base Monitoring

  • You cannot reply on neighbours to respond to an alarm activation, they may not be home, preoccupied or your business may be out of range of passers by.
  • Know your property is in safe hands with a dedicated team of professionals monitoring the security of your premises 24 hours 7 days a week! Our monitoring centre offers the highest level of accuracy as it adheres to strict industry standards. If the alarm is activated, our control room staff will respond immediately in accordance with your monitoring instructions. This will typically include contacting you, a co-worker or a close friend — or sending a patrol car to your home or business, or both.
  • In the event your phone is out of range, flat battery or you are not contactable a standard text message or phone call with personal monitoring will be missed. With 24 Hour back to base monitoring we ensure that there are at least a minimum of 2 people to  contact and multiple options for contact numbers and where only one contact is listed we request guard response actions for this particular scenario. There will always be an action following an alarm response.
  • The control room operators can determine in an alarm activation which sensors have been activated and will advise this on contact. They can determine the difference between a smoke sensor setting the alarm off and can take appropriate steps where necessary. A general text or call from the alarm panel to your mobile with personal monitoring set up cannot distinguish the difference.
  • Where a cellular backup unit is installed, when the landline is cut your premises is still being monitored back to base.
  • For businesses the control room can easily provide on request a staff access report when open/closes are programmed. You can find out who armed and disarmed the premises and at what times.
  • Back to base monitoring is an affordable investment which will always outweigh the cost of losing prized possessions, sentimental belongings and the feeling of having an intruder break into your home.

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