Why you should have CCTV cameras in the workplace

CCTV cameras in the workplace are becoming a fairly common occurrence in today’s society.  It is best to understand the many benefits behind installing CCTV when it protects both employer and employee rather than think of it as an intrusion to one’s privacy.

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This article will highlight some benefits for both the employer and employee in having CCTV cameras in the workplace.

  • Reduces the risk of an armed robbery with visible cameras and signs acting as a deterrent.
  • Reduces theft with the knowledge of being viewed and recorded.
  • Reduces the risk of vandalism with the visible cameras and warning signs.
  • Reduces the incidents of workplace harassment or malpractice.
  • Employees being monitored not only are obliged to conduct their work properly but monitoring of employees can assist employees in ways to improve productivity and ways to improve safety thus making a more efficient and safer workplace for all.
  • Any workplace incidents would be recorded and can assist in determining the cause and assist with any workers compensation claims.
  • For information on Surveillance laws click here http://www.redhandedsecurity.com.au/video-surveillance/surveillance-camera-laws-know.html 

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