Why IP cameras are better than analogue cameras

  • Uses Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable which allows for much higher rates of data transfer than coaxial cable is limited to. When using coaxial cables the camera image quality lessens over longer distances.
  • Analogue scalability is limited to the number of channels available on the DVR. If you have a filled a 16 channel DVR and need an additional camera you will have to purchase a whole new DVR. With IP cameras, an NVR can support hundreds of cameras. Using the same scenario to add new cameras to the system, the only additional purchase you may require apart from the camera is an IP camera licence.
  • Probably the most important benefit of all is picture quality. Analogue cameras provide a maximum of 0.4 megapixels in comparison to IP cameras which currently have a resolution of up to 5 megapixels! There is no loss of quality in recording images or reviewing recordings, as all data is recorded digitally rather than converted from analogue to digital. CIF = 352×288, VGA = 640×480  and 1 Megapixel = 1280×960. Here are some images to show the difference. Mobotix Megapixel-Technologie mx_face_example_2Stylised ComparisonFor security cameras Sydney, call Red Handed Security on 1300 13 40 33 or visit www.redhandedsecurity.com.au to find out more.

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