How to enhance your security and CCTV systems

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What signals does your home give to a potential thief? Have you thought about whether your house is deterring would-be burglars or inviting them in? You don’t have to install a chain-link fence to protect your home, but you can take steps to deter break-ins. The strongest and most reliable deterrent is a quality security or CCTV system, you should follow these top steps to boost home security.

1. Avoid outdoor temptations

Keep the front of your home free from reasons to be robbed. Leaving children’s toys, mowers and bikes where they can be seen from the street is as good as telling criminals that you’ve got better things inside! The same goes for leaving window blinds open to reveal your home contents.

2. Make your security system known

Studies show that having an alarm system installed will make your home less likely to become victim to burglary. You may not need to announce your alarm or CCTV system to all of Sydney, but if you’ve gone to the effort to equip your home with a security system, finding a subtle way to let people know – such as window stickers or a visible outdoor box – is a helpful deterrent.

3. Watch for strangers entering your home

Your house may be scoped for valuables before an actual burglary occurs. Keep note of anyone unusual that may come to your door. Knocking first is a safe way for burglars to determine whether or not you are home and to scope out your place.

4. Don’t leave windows and gates open

It may seem obvious, but it can never be said enough: leaving a window or gate open (even slightly) is as careless as leaving your front door open! Don’t make breaking in too easy for thieves.

If you are worried about protecting your home, talk to us for advice on the best security and CCTV systems for your Sydney home today.

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