Facts about break-in crime that you need to know

Facts About Break-In Crime That You Need To Know

Security is not a joke. And neither is your property being robbed, vandalised or worse, physically being confront a burglar.


Let’s examine some key findings that highlight the need for a security plan for your business.


How safe is Sydney?

Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities. Home to nearly 4.7 million people, it is a bustling hive of activity. Not all that activity is good, however.


Don’t get us wrong – Australia, in general, is one of the safest places to live in the world. In fact, Sydney was ranked as the sixth safest city in the world in 2015. Part of the reason is because a lot of the crime is centred towards the busy areas.



Because of this focused crime aspect, a lot of areas seem safe. However, if you own a business or live in a high-traffic housing area, the crime rate increases.


An estimated $1.6 billion worth of damage was done by burglary in 2011 across Australia. The police and the government have increased their funding to fight crimes such as robbery and breaking and entering. However, the rise in more violent crimes has shifted their priorities.


The price and danger of break-ins and crime is costly. Over 10,000 recorded break-ins were recorded in 2018 for businesses. Were any of them yours?


What should you do?

Some reports conclude that businesses with security systems in place are 300% less likely to be targeted by robbers.


Businesses tend to report crime to police from outside sources, but only 1 in 17 employee thefts are actually reported. Having a custom security camera system would allow every business to monitor both external and internal activity. So, whether it is a break-in or an inside job, any crime can be monitored, recorded and reported.

Security systems for businesses

Security systems in Sydney are essential not only for businesses to remain safe and secure, but it also helps police and analysts get a better understanding of crime. If your system catches something and it is reported, you help your business as well as the surrounding establishments by better profiling or catching the criminal.


You can help make Sydney an even safer place for everyone by obtaining professional CCTV installation or adopting a key card access system for your workplace.


Crime is everywhere and it will continue to happen, but the steps you put in place can help mitigate the chances of crime occurring to you.


Whether it is a thief from the outside or an unreliable employee within your property, your business can be safer with Red Handed Security. We have worked with homes and businesses of all sizes to better enhance their security needs – and we can help you, too.


Don’t wait for crime to catch you off guard, plan now and talk to our friendly and experienced team at 1300 13 40 33. We offer custom solutions so that your unique business gets the one-of-a-kind security setup it deserves.


Facts About Break-in Crime That You Need To Know

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