How to keep your local business safe from fire

Fire causes damage to property, disrupts company operations and puts lives at risk.


Fire safety should always be a main concern in any workplace. Businesses must develop and practice preventative actions to reduce the risk of fire.


Here are some fire safety tips you can implement at the workplace:


Keep the workplace free of waste

Following good housekeeping practices is the first step to prevent fire. Paper, trash and aerosols are just some of the rubbish items that can easily catch fire. Clear the clutter and keep them away from heat sources.


Install smoke alarm systems

Smoke alarm systems signals a warning when it detects smoke or fire. The earlier the fire is detected, the greater the chance of escaping safely. Some modern security systems in Sydney are now equipped with smoke alarms. Look for reputable and trusted providers of alarm systems in Sydney. They can advise you on how to implement smoke alarms in your building.


Avoid electrically-caused fires

Aside from using the right equipment, make sure you give breathing room to your equipment to reduce build-up of heat. Avoid crushing or bending any cords and immediately replace damaged ones.

Too many things plugged into a circuit can cause an overload. Avoid electrical overloads by not plugging a lot of equipment into one outlet.


Develop a fire safety plan

A safety plan that is an important component in protecting lives if a fire breaks out. It should include details such as possible exit points and locations where fire extinguishers are located. Make sure your employees understand company emergency communication and evacuation procedures.


IMPORTANT: Preventing fire is everyone’s job. Let your employees know how to prevent fires in your workplace and what to do when a fire breaks out.



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