Home Video Intercom Systems; Adding to your Home Security

Home video intercom systems are fast becoming a popular addition to home security.

One of the major benefits of having a video intercom system is the additional security measures it puts in place. The most obvious is that you can check visitors on the monitor without opening the door. This means you can feel safe and secure even when you or your family members are home all alone.

Introducing the Affordable Panasonic Video Intercom System with Wireless Handset. 

The Panasonic Video Intercom System is an easy system to operate with some great convenient features for the modern family whilst also enhancing the security for your family. The standard kit includes a monitor for viewing/hearing activity at the front door, a convenient wireless monitor handset and a sleek 5.2″ touchscreen monitor.

Panasonic Wireless Handset
Panasonic Wireless Handset _edited


  • Wireless Handset – Check visitors and respond promptly from anywhere in your home or yard (range permitting).
  • 5.2″ Large Touch Screen Monitor – Large 5.2″ IPS LCD on main monitor offering easy viewing at wide angles and even for small children looking up from a lower position.
  • Electric Lock Release Support for Gate – The electric lock release supports up to 2 systems, each of which can be operated from the main monitor or a sub monitor.
  • Wide Angle Camera – The door station features a wide angle lens that covers approximately 170 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically.
  • Voice Changer Function – This function makes a woman’s voice sound like a man’s when speaking with a visitor.
  • Picture Recording Function on SD Card – The intercom records the images of up to 400 (50 separate sessions). This is a highly secure and useful function while you are away from home.
  • Connect Up to 6 Wireless Handsets.
  • Connect up to 2 Door Stations.
  • Optional Repeater for extending wireless signal.

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Panasonic Intercom Kit
Panasonic Intercom Kit_edited


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