Is it time to upgrade your security system?


Having a modern security system is essential when it comes to effectively protecting your business or your home. Outdated products lead to higher chances of being prone to burglary and break-ins. If you’re after modern security cameras and alarm systems in the Hills, we can help you out. So how do you tell if your security system is in need of an upgrade?

Camera quality

Low definition cameras are one of the most common components of an outdated system. The system becomes worthless if you’re unable to see the person in the footage. The quality and affordability of cameras have increased dramatically in recent years, so it’s worth upgrading to IP cameras.

Back-to-base monitoring

One of the biggest aspects of a great security system is having someone else monitor your premises 24/7. Back-to-base monitoring has become extremely popular due to the success it has had in terms of combating burglary. With this form of monitoring, you, someone close to you, or a patrol car will be called and sent to your premises if any alarming activity occurs all completely at your discretion.

Remote monitoring

Being able to control and monitor your system through your mobile device is definitely something you should have. Almost all systems now will allow you the ability to view your premises through a live feed where CCTV is installed. This gives you the ability to contact somebody if you do notice any activity.

For the best security systems in Sydney, we at Red Handed Security are here to help. Whether you’re after an upgraded security system or you’re interested in back-to-base monitoring, feel free to give us a call on 1300 13 40 33!

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