More CCTV systems in Sydney for a safer community?

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Earlier this year the UK’s Telegraph reported that Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe had been urging citizens that every home and business in the UK should be fitted with a CCTV system.

It may be some time before we see CCTV systems in Sydney homes and businesses everywhere, but Sydney government bodies are encouraging homeowners to do the same. In light of this, we are­ investigating the reasoning behind Hogan-Howe’s request and the positive influence that more CCTV systems in Sydney could have on community safety.

  1. The improvement of facial recognition software now means that CCTV images are a much more effective tool in helping catch thieves and criminals. Images can now be used to compare with images the police take upon arrests of a suspect.
  2. CCTV is relatively cheap compared to the benefits that a family or business will receive. We have outlined the benefits of security cameras in past posts.
  3. Private CCTV systems assist police in successfully apprehending criminals and stop them from reoffending.


A successful tool in eliminating crime

UK citizens are one of the most surveillance-reliant populations in the world. With a strong trend towards using CCTV in the home and workplace there has been many cases where homeowners’ CCTV systems have assisted with the investigations of various crimes.

Private property CCTV can be vital in some investigations, such as in the case of murdered woman Jennifer Dornan. Not only did footage from her neighbours’ CCTV security system record movement outside of the crime scene, but various recordings from people in the community and surrounding areas were handed over to the police to help with the tracking and capture of the heinous killer.

At Red Handed Security we have installed CCTV systems to many homes and workplaces with successful results. Contact us so we can talk you through some options for keeping your area well monitored and giving you peace of mind.

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