Do you need a monitored alarm system?



Is your office or home alarm system up to standard? If not, you may need to consider the benefits of upgrading your home or business in Sydney to a monitored alarm system.


Is your alarm secure enough?

For many people, alarm systems are something you install and forget about. In an ideal world, you would never need to think about your alarm system – just install and forget about it. But in reality this is rarely the case. Alarm systems can require maintenance, testing, and – if they fail to adequately protect your home, you may need to consider an upgrade. Have you asked yourself recently if your alarm system is secure enough for the needs of your home or business?


Don’t rely on your neighbours

A common concern with alarm systems is that people are becoming desensitised to the sound of alarms in their area. We’ve all done it – heard a neighbour’s alarm and decided to ignore it until it gets deactivated. It’s easier to tell yourself the alarm was activated by mistake than to involve yourself in a neighbour’s business. But with some alarm systems, intruders can gain access to your home or workplace and quickly deactivate your alarm system, allowing them to work at a leisurely pace.


Monitored alarm solutions

The best solution for total piece of mind is to install a monitored alarm system. Sydney residents know that the best way to protect their home is by relying on a monitoring centre to keep an eye on their homes. At Red Handed Security, we offer two types of 24-hour monitored alarm systems to Sydney residents. If your alarm is activated, our back-to-base monitoring services will respond according to your prior instructions; we can contact you, a family member/friend, or even send a patrol car to your property.


If you believe your current alarm system is not secure enough, call us on 1300 13 40 33 or visit to discuss the advantages of installing a monitored alarm system in your Sydney home or business.

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