Our security work for medicinal Cannabis companies

Our security work for medicinal Cannabis companies

Red Handed Security was recently entrusted with designing and installing the security systems for Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG). ANTG is an independently-owned pharmaceutical company specialising in cultivating medicinal cannabis. This obviously presents a unique and specific set of security needs.


With multiple locations across New South Wales and the specific security requirements of their niche industry, ANTG needed an appropriate level of security at a reasonable cost. We worked with them, to design a bespoke security system to protect their property and goods.


Due to the nature of cultivating Cannabis, ANTG required a certain level of security measures in place which not only gave them peace of mind, but also met the strict compliance requirements of the Office of Drug Control (ODC). Considering the short notice given by the ODC for inspections, we understood the necessity for speed and accuracy.





ANTG has a remote regional location with no security equipment wholesalers within 450 km of their site, which meant that our services needed to be carefully planned in advance and meticulously executed. There was no room for error – we had to ensure it was done correctly to the highest standard.


The Medicinal Cannabis industry is very new to Australia. This meant that we had to anticipate possible issues and eliminate them prior to implementation. Security projects with such high security risks as found in this one, are much more complex and subject to greater scrutiny. Any security breaches, especially in the early stages of development, would pose great political risk and attract significant media attention that could permanently damage the company’s reputation and its viability. We needed to be thorough in our approach and eliminate any potential security weaknesses.


Their security system was comprehensive in design, which included a number of alarm, access control, CCTV monitoring and intercom systems.


We used the industry leaders in security technology, Tecom and Hikvision. This gave us thousands of programmable options that can easily be scaled for any sized building or property.  Tecom and Hikvision alarm and CCTV equipment enables ANTG to be constantly monitored. The control panel selected can be configured to arm at specific times and specific areas at a time. This allowed us to design a system that is both flexible and agile, giving ANTG a security system that is both robust and responsive to their business needs.


Our security system is resilient to the harshest of Australian weather conditions. Designed with waterproofed features, it can withstand wet or dry elements and cold or hot temperatures. The equipment is also fully tamper monitored.




Effective security systems are designed with the company’s needs in mind with strategically positioned security measures to ensure maximum coverage. CCTV systems were set to monitor high-traffic areas as well as entry zones, threat areas and according to other business requirements.


At Red Handed Security, our expert staff will not only install security systems, but work with their IT team to ensure our installations fit within their infrastructure, no matter how complex. This ensures their new security system integrates seamlessly into the business.


ANTG is a pro-active, responsive and innovative company that demands complex security solutions. We were able to satisfy their security needs and ensure they met compliance and regulatory requirements of their specialised field.


We’re proud to have worked on such a complex, yet comprehensive security system for ANTG. You can find out more about their company by visiting australiannatural.com.


ANTG is one of the many businesses we have worked with to achieve to ensure their assets are kept safe and secured. Any business that requires specialised security services can rely on Red Handed Security. As the medicinal cannabis industry grows within Australia, we have proven that we are more than capable of fulfilling their complex security needs.


If you are a business in Sydney and need a custom security solution, then look no further than Red Handed Security. Give us a call today to discuss your business needs.


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