Choosing a professionally installed home alarm over DIY

  • A professional security company can provide you with an alarm system to suit your needs, be customised to your type of home and tailored to your budget.
  • When going through a security company your home alarm system will be installed by a licensed security specialist and benefit from the professional experience.
  • You will have your alarm system tested and completely operational once installed by a licensed security specialist.
  • The licensed security specialist will provide you with training on how to use your alarm system and can answer any questions you might have right then and there.
  • Warranty will be provided on both the alarm system and installation.
  • DIY alarms are usually basic in features to keep the product price down and easy to install for the average consumer.
  • DIY offer a limited warranty and it can be difficult determining where a fault is coming from, product or installation. This could lead to frustrating times going back and forth with the manufacturer/ supplier when claiming warranty and or repairs in getting your home alarm back up and running.
  • A DIY home alarm will always be the cheaper option. No need to pay for installation for one. However, should you go for the cheapest option when considering the safety and protection of your family and hard earned possessions?

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