Security cameras for workplace safety

There are many reasons to install a security camera system in your workplace or office. More than just a safeguard against robbery and theft, installing security cameras in your workplace will also provide your employees with greater personal security and safety.


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Worried workers

Recent surveys show that up to 63% of workers worry about their personal security at work, and 60% would feel more comfortable at work if there was an effective security system installed in their workplace. Some people are under the assumption that the only reason their workplace would install a security camera is to spy on their staff. Contrary to this belief, installing a security camera system in the workplace can offer many benefits to both the employer and staff. An effective security system will often prevent incidents that may compromise your employees’ safety, and a major reason for choosing to install a security camera in the workplace is to protect employees’ safety. Businesses can also save on the expenses associated with damages or incidents. Employers are also required by law to justify reasons for installing a monitoring system.

Time saving technology

Thanks to technological advancements in security camera systems, employers no longer need to be the ones in charge of viewing surveillance footage. We offer 24-hour remote view monitoring by our control room. This means that sitting through hours of recorded video footage to pinpoint an incident is no longer required! Instead, we can provide virtual security patrols to inspect the site immediately if your alarm signals intruders.

Tailored CCTV systems

We can tailor your commercial security system to suit the individual needs of your workplace. Whether you need a system to monitor Workplace Health and Safety procedures, to help prevent theft and robbery, or even to monitor isolated areas for safety, we can help with the best security solution for your business.


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