The ultimate guide to Sydney security systems

The recorded incidents of robbery, theft and break-and-enter in Sydney has increased over the past 3 years. The 2014 Crime Statistics Report released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research records a total of 3,419 incidents of robbery, 46,666 break-and-enters, and 68,027 cases of malicious damage to property. These surprising figures remind us of the potential threats to our Sydney properties or homes.

There is no telling if you will fall victim to a robbery or theft. With the ever increasing risk of property crime, the need for reliable security systems in Sydney has become even more pertinent.

How effective are security systems?

Studies prove that installing security systems decreases the likelihood of becoming a victim of theft, robbery and break-ins. In fact, residential homes with security systems installed, particularly CCTVs, stop potential intruders from lurking around the properties.

Most attempted intrusions have been detected and successfully halted with the help of an integrated alarm system.
Security systems are effectively utilised for the following purposes:

✓ Deterring and preventing break-ins
✓ Monitoring premises anytime, anywhere
✓ Observing activities and behaviour
✓ Detecting potential dangers, including fire
✓ Controlling entry access
✓ Providing a sense of peace and safety

Which security system best fits your needs?

Security systems come with different features and options.

Here are some of the security system options available:

▪ Intercoms Systems
▪ Home and Commercial CCTV systems
▪ Commercial Alarms
▪ Access Control Systems
▪ 24-Hour Back-to-base Monitoring

When choosing a security system, consider your property’s security needs. Look for qualified security installers to help you choose your security system.

Installing a security system is a best start to enhancing your personal security and property protection. Red Handed Security provides a range of integrated security solutions. For more information, call us on 1300 13 40 33 or visit

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