Christmas holiday security tips

Christmas holiday security tips

The Christmas season is a time full of cheer and gift giving – but also crime!


It is unfortunate, but a reality that people tend to take advantage of the season and indulge in crime. The greater use of alcohol and drugs, combined with free time, results in higher illegal activity, including theft and break-ins.


Here at Red Handed, we have compiled a list of ways to secure your home for the Christmas holidays.


1) Alarm systems

Thieves can be stopped with a home alarm system! Studies have shown that alarm systems deter criminal activity by over 40-50%.


If you need comprehensive alarm systems, we can help you out. We provide cost-effective and custom solutions for homes and businesses throughout Sydney.


2) Back-to-base monitoring

For maximum security, consider back-to-base monitoring. This will allow you to always have eyes on your property, so any suspicious or attempted illegal activity is noticed and dealt with immediately. This is ideal for larger businesses.


3) Stay up to date

If you have alarm systems, it is important to ensure that they are up to date and working properly.


After all, there is no point in having a faulty security system that fails in the moment you need it. Proper maintenance and regular check-ups on your equipment are essential.


Also, it is important to keep emergency contact details in case you need to be contacted by someone in the control room. If you are travelling away, then notify the security team about a point of contact.


4) House sitter

One of the best defences against burglars for residential properties is to have a house sitter, especially if you are away for an extended period. Clever thieves know if a house is abandoned!


Some alternative options are timed lights and having responsive neighbours collect mail and check on the house from time to time.


5) Lock your property

This seems obvious but ensuring that all entry points, including windows and doors, are locked and secured is crucial.


Sometimes, locking is not enough, however. If this is the case, you can place rods in window sills in order to prevent them from opening except from the inside.

Christmas holiday security tips infographic

These are five ways to keep your house or property secure during the holiday season. For more information, contact the security experts at Red Handed Security on 1300 13 40 33. We know all things security and can help customise a solution for you.

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