Top 10 Tips to Securing Your Home for Christmas Holidays

Here are some tips how to secure your home for Christmas holidays.

  1. Install a home alarm system. One of the best ways to improve the security of your home is to prevent would be thieves from breaking in. There are many cost effective solutions available to suit many different types of homes both for home owners and renters.
  2. The most effective way of securing your home is to have your home alarm system connected to 24 hour back to base security monitoring. Read more about the benefits of 24 Hour Back to Base Security Monitoring.
  3. For those with Back to Base Monitoring connected, make sure you keep your contact details and alarm response instructions are up to date with the control room especially coming up to the Christmas holiday season! Ensure that there will be someone on your contact list that the Control Room can reach on an alarm response in the instance you are away on holidays with little to no phone reception.
  4. Have a maintenance done on your alarm system, ensure it is functioning to its full potential and ensure you have had your back up battery changed within the last 24 months. The cost of an alarm maintenance is far less than that of a break in! It is recommended a maintenance be conducted every 12 months.
  5. If you are away for an extended period of time, it would be best to have a house sitter so that your home is not empty for long periods of time.
  6. Make friends with your neighbours. Friends look out for each other and your friendly neighbours can report suspicious activity at your home and help when you’re away .
  7. Advise your trusted neighbour that you will be away, ask them, a friend or family to collect your mail and to stop junk mail from building up in your letterbox in your absence.  A neighbour parking in your driveway can also help signal the house is not unoccupied. Other measures could include internal lights or a radio set on timers and organising for someone to mow your lawn.
  8. Install sensor lights around your home. These lights are a great deterrent to intruders.
  9. Ensure trees and shrubs are trimmed to allow visibility to your property.
  10. Ensure all of your windows and doors are secured and key locked before you leave on your holiday.

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