Why do you need an intercom system?

Intercom Systems Sydney
Intercom systems are a natural addition for contemporary security systems designed control public inflow.

For residential clients they are quickly becoming a favourite addition to new housing allowing residents to quickly and easily vet who they open their doors to. Once restricted to the wealthy, intercoms have now become affordable enough to be included in most housing plans. Intercoms add an extra level of affordable security, they allow peace of mind and no one will get through your front door or gate without your permission. They are also great for avoiding pesky and relentless door-to-door salespeople.

For commercial clients, intercoms have long played a pivotal role in the management of businesses of sizes, they had a profound impact in high density areas. They are the most effective way of monitoring high security areas, areas normally inaccessible outside of working hours, and places where the building entrance is separated from the workspace.

How they used to be

Intercoms had a transforming effect on security systems when they first arrived, they allowed for a more centralised hub of security and increased efficiency in managing the influx of people, the disconnection between someone trying to get in a premises and the person refusing entry also led to a dramatic drop in avoidable confrontations.

How are they now?intercom systems in Sydney

Intercoms are now better to operate than they have ever been. They are advanced enough to satisfy your business needs, but simple enough that you could install them in your house to be used by your family.

Audio intercoms allow two-way communication between multiple door stations and can allow you to remotely allow or deny entry with the push of a single button.

The introduction of video into intercom systems has only improved upon their usefulness in home and business security.  Modern intercom systems can be activated using remote devices that can be carried around the house or place of business and certain systems have incorporated app support meaning that they can be accessed via phone or tablet devices. Systems can also be outfitted with memory cards to automatically record picture when it detects a visitor, greatly improving the chances of identification later on if a break in does occur.

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