Why you need a custom security camera system

Why you need a custom security camera system

Let’s face it, crime exists. And your Sydney home or office is not magically immune to it no matter how much we may wish. On average, it takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to break into a property. But based on a survey of detained burglars, 49% said that they would be or were deterred from breaking and entering if the home or business had a security alarm system.


With these stats in mind, let’s take a deeper look as to why you need a custom security camera system.


One size DOES NOT fit all

Security systems are not something where a standardised system will work for everyone. Sydney homes and businesses are unique from each other and hence, require specialised solutions.


For example, your business may be in a shared building so multiple companies have access to the front entrance. This is very different from a business that has just one company building with only its employees having access.


Many times, it can be unclear as to how encompassing the security system needs to be. The best thing to do is to contact security installation experts such as our team at Red Handed Security and we can inspect and help suggest the best, personalised security system.


We are not only experts in security, but we are also a local company in Sydney, so we know the common problems and safeguards.


Security is an investment and insurance

Having a generic security system, basic intercom or outdated alarms are all factors that potential thieves or vandals look for. What is worse than having a security system installed, but because it is generic or from a kit, completely fails its function when a break-in occurs?


Many of these types of security systems have weaknesses that are easily exploited. They may monitor the high traffic areas, but burglars often target the low vision access points. With a custom security camera system, video intercom or an updated alarm, no area of your home or business is left unmonitored.


Having a bespoke security solution means that your area is uniquely covered which can help improve insurance and the value of your property.


Custom dedication

Choosing a DIY option for security may be cheaper in the short run, but that option doesn’t help if the weaknesses are exploited.


With custom security companies like ours, you get the best, most personal solutions as well as other options like back to base monitoring, so that there are always eyes on your property. Mobile notification and monitoring are available; reliable brands and installation guarantee plus so much more! The level of security is magnified when you choose a professional installation option and even more so when it offers custom solutions like we do.

3 reasons why you need a custom security system infographic

We know you want the best for your home, office or business. We want the same thing. That is why we offer custom security camera systems, 24/7 monitoring, advanced alarms and intercoms throughout all of Sydney.


Red Handed Security know the threats you may face. And if you are thinking about security options, contact us today at 1300 13 40 33 to find out how we can personally keep you and your property safe.

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