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Remote monitoring and access with our home intercom systems.

In Sydney, intercom systems form a valuable part of a home security package. There’s no need to walk to your front door to check who is visiting. With an intercom system installed, you can easily screen visitors and answer your door anywhere in your home.

An electric lock will be installed at your gate or door and connect to an intercom system. This allows you to communicate with your visitors and release the lock at the gate to permit entry onto your property.

We will install an intercom system to meet your needs and budget.

Red Handed Security offers a range of different intercom systems to Sydney’s homes. You have the choice of audio-only or audio-video intercom systems provided either with handsets (like a standard phone) or hands-free.

  • Audio intercoms allow two-way communication between multiple door stations. These intercoms can also come with an optional remote which allows you to grant entry access through the door or gate by pressing a button.
  • Video intercoms feature allow you to see who is at the door. This system can automatically record picture on a memory card when it detects a visitor.
  • Audio and video intercoms also allow communication with any visitors into your home whilst you’re away, allowing you to monitor your home and interact with visitors from a safe location.

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At Red Handed Security, we’re proud to supply and install effective and affordable audio and video home intercom systems throughout Sydney. To find out more about home intercom systems installed by one of Sydney’s leading security system suppliers and installers, give us a call on 1300 13 40 33.

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