Back to Base Security – Why do I Need it?

Back to base alarms sydney

Back to base alarms are an advanced form of security that links your alarm system with an around the clock monitoring centre. When your alarm goes off, a message is sent in real time to the monitoring centre informing them of the trespass or break-in. Control room staff can then contact you or despatch a security guard depending on your preferences. This security response can be automatic, or triggered by clientele.

The latest NSW annual police report has shown that officers fail to respond in time to 22.1% of all urgent response calls. Stopping crime as it happens is always better than trying to clean up the mess afterwards, and back to base security allows for a greater peace of mind that you, your business or your family will be safe.

Why do I need it?

Back to base security adds another level of protection to your premises, often times standard alarms are enough to scare away would be trespassers, however these alarms on their own can be ignored or disregarded by the local community, especially if you have neighbours who accidentally set of their own alarms. In the event that something actually does happen your alarm on its own may not be enough.

If your premises is not in a residential area there is a good chance there will not even be anyone around when a break in occurs. Back to base security systems ensure that when something happens there will always be a result. For businesses especially, back to base security systems are a necessity, typically if police are called the next day it is already too late.

Back to base security is also especially useful for people living alone who want the added protection of having security teams on standby, or for people who travel frequently leaving their houses unattended.

It is important to consider that when purchasing back to base security systems that location is one of the most important factors as a security firm nearby will be able to respond faster in the event of a break in. When purchasing back to base alarms in Sydney the best choice is Red Handed Security.

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