Essential components of a commercial security system

Essential components of a commercial security system

A home or business is only as secure as its security system. Keeping your family or business safe and protected is vital.


However, knowing what elements you require for ultimate security assurance can be difficult.


To guide you, we have put together a list of essential components for your security system.


1) Commercial CCTV cameras

Being able to video monitor your home, offices or warehouses adds a level of security that is unparalleled.


You can record the ins and outs of your property and make sure things are all up to standard.


CCTV cameras not only protect your business, but also your employees. If an accident or an untoward incident occurs, you can refer to the recording. Plus, having an active camera system can deter criminals by up to 50%.


Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor cameras or a mixture of both, your building isn’t fully secure without professional CCTV installation.


2) Access control systems

It seems logical that one of the best ways to regulate your property is to monitor who enters and exits. This will give you the ability to restrict access to potential threats or unknown persons.


Key cards, fingerprint scanners, face ID and passcode locks are just some examples of adequate access control systems.


It is vital to use only the best brands, such as Tecom and Inner Range.


This measure will increase not only safety, but also peace of mind for all those using your building.



3) Intercom systems

An intercom system is crucial for you to have full control of your property.


Similar to access control systems, intercoms allow you to screen individuals before they enter your building.


Having an intercom where delivery personnel, visitors or employees can ring, communicate and then be given permission to enter is advantageous.


Modern intercom systems allow you to connect to mobile devices, so even when you are not on site, you can still view your intercom camera. This way, you can communicate and enable or deny entry wherever you are.


4) Alarm systems

Now having all the protocols in place to prevent unwanted access is excellent, but what about when incidents do happen?


Having a useful alarm system installed that will notify and warn you of suspicious activities is a much-needed addition.


Whether it be smoke, fire, entry point, noise or movement alarms, ensuring that your home or property is completely secured creates a well-rounded defence.


Being alerted when disturbances occur enables you to act or notify the necessary authorities immediately.



5) 24-hour monitoring

The pinnacle of security coverage would be to have eyes on your building at all times. With 24-hour monitoring, this is possible.


For those businesses or homes that require the highest level of protection, this option gives you the best and most assured peace of mind.


Finding a service that offers continuous surveillance can mean the difference between being compromised or protected.


This is highly worthwhile for those who travel a lot or need constant supervision on their property.

As systems advance and the world becomes more and more connected, keeping our security systems up to date is vital.


If you require a security overhaul or perhaps want some guidance for improvement, then contact the friendly, reliable and expert team at Red Handed Security on 1300 13 40 33.


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