Where can CCTV systems be used effectively?

effective use of cctv systems sydneyClosed Circuit Television or CCTV systems have become a common fixture in society, and are commonly used to help prevent and solve crimes. Having a CCTV system can deter criminal activity, while assisting in capturing and successfully prosecuting those responsible when a crime does occur. We may expect to find CCTV systems in a variety of places, from banks and retail stores, to people’s private residences. Looking at the places that CCTV is used, we can also examine the different ways that it can be utilised, and see that CCTV use can extend beyond the most obvious functions that we might expect of them.

The most common use is, of course, in the aid of preventing crime. Having a CCTV system may discourage shoplifting in a retail store, or create an environment of security in a public area such as a train station. Studies have found that CCTV systems are most effective at reducing crime in places like parking lots and public transportation areas. Considering that these places can be potentially isolating for people walking through or waiting in them, having a CCTV system can help people feel that they are being watched over, and that they are safer with a camera there.


Beyond increasing our physical security though, CCTV systems have been put to many other uses. CCTV systems allow for traffic monitoring, which can in turn be used to reduce congestion and to enforce speeding limits and red lights. They can increase safety on public transport such as trains, by allowing the driver to check that all doors are cleared and safe to close before departing the station.


In work and school environments CCTV can be used to monitor student and employee behaviour. They can prevent theft or damage to property, and reduce bullying.


So while CCTV systems are something that we may encounter every day in our life, they in fact have many more uses than you may have initially thought. For CCTV systems in Sydney, talk to the friendly team at Red Handed Security on 1300 13 40 33.

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