24-hour Back-to-base Monitoring

Protect your home with our 24-hour back-to-base monitoring service.

Protect your home and your family by linking your security system to our monitoring centre. We provide virtual patrols to watch over your property 24/7. This ensures that your nominated contacts or security patrols will be called if your alarm is activated.

Our control room staff is trained to take necessary action when an alarm event takes place. We have direct access to patrol services including police, fire and ambulance services if you have an emergency.

Rely on our monitoring centre to protect your home.

Our Grade One Monitoring Centre offers the highest level of accuracy and follows strict industry standards.

If the alarm is activated, our control room staff will respond in accordance with your monitoring instructions. This will typically include contacting you, a co-worker or a close friend — or sending a patrol car to your home or business, or both.

You can’t rely on neighbours to keep an eye on your property. Be sure your property is in safe hands with back to base monitoring from Red Handed Security.

Secured back-to-base monitoring with our GPRS monitoring service.

We offer another form of back-to-base monitoring called GPRS Monitoring. This uses a Telstra 3G sender/receiver, a unit that connects the system to the control room via a mobile phone network.

The system automatically runs a daily check ensuring everything is functional and automatically verifies its status to the control centre.

A GPRS system cannot be interfered by an intruder from outside the property, meaning they would have to enter and set off the alarm before they could access the GPRS unit – by this time the unit would have alerted the control room of the breach.

This feature makes GPRS Monitoring a more secure option than landline based monitoring.

Our 24-hour back-to-base monitoring prices are affordable.

We offer a competitively-priced back-to-base monitoring service:

Home Alarm Monitoring ServicePrice
GPRS monitoring$49.50 per month
Landline monitoring$33* per month

Sign up with us today and receive 1 month of FREE monitoring with FREE system maintenance and FREE backup battery replacement.

If you already have a current monitoring provider and are paying a better fee than our competitive rates, show us a recent bill and we will work to beat the price!

Find out more about our 24-hour back-to-base monitoring.

To find out more about our 24-hour back-to-base monitoring, call us on 1300 13 40 33.

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